About The Market

The Market in Woodstock is a fun place to shop with new items every week! Many of these items are unique and additionally hard to find.

We are primarily a bulk good store, which means we buy products in large packages, many in 25 or 50 pound bags. But we don’t stop there! We break those amounts into smaller containers for you, the consumer. You get the same bulk food priced in amounts you can easily handle and store in your kitchen at home. Our bulk food selection includes such items as baking goods, spices, soup mixes, pastas, rices, candies, nuts, seeds (the kind you eat), dried fruits, pretzels, drinks (hot and cold), and breakfast foods like pancake mixes, jellies, and syrups.

We have an ever-expanding selection of healthy items to help us all stay on the right tack. These items include flax seed meal, wheat and oat bran, gluten free items, organic juices, steel cut oats and many more. Our vitamin and mineral section was established and has expanded because our customers ask for certain items. Everything we stock has been by customer request; this means we have the most popular supplements in this area and would be happy to add your needed items to our inventory.

But please don’t think of us as just a food and herbal supplement store. We also carry rugs, puzzles, pottery, oil diffusers, essential oils, body care products, handmade soaps, “Woodstock” shirts and sweatshirts, Rada knives, locally handcrafted knitted and crocheted items, French presses, and many more fun items.

We do gift baskets, have gift certificates and are here to serve you.

We are located in the original Woodstock Shopping Center between AutoZone and Four Star Printing.